Our Focus . . .

Building a relationship of trust and caring with our clients takes time and effort. In the process, we get to know our clients’ industries and we become intimately familiar with many of the specific challenges an industry or business segment faces, both operationally and from a regulatory perspective. Over the years, our Firm has developed a special affinity for certain industries and organizations, and we have a number of clients in each of the following groups:

Not-for-Profit and United Way Agencies
Voluntary Health and Welfare Organizations
Churches and Religious Organizations
Charter Schools
Colleges and Student Financial Aid Programs
Community and Private Foundations
Citrus Growers and Agricultural Companies
General and Specialty Construction Contractors
Professional Service Firms

While we have areas in which we have more focused expertise, many of the challenges our clients face are similar in nature and apply across industry and organizational lines. We have assisted a broad spectrum of clients and organizations.

For further information please contact Edith L. Yates CPA, Tamara J. Burroughs CPA or Tracy Y. Kimbrough CPA.

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