Our Firm ...

BAYLIS & COMPANY PA was formed by its principal officers in 1980 to provide an organization capable of providing a comprehensive range of client services. We are a dynamic and progressive firm of accounting and business professionals, and we believe that our team approach to client services allows us to bring different backgrounds and experiences to the client relationship, increasing overall client benefit.

We continually strive to have the growth, flexibility, and specialization necessary to meet client needs in today's rapidly changing business environment. We have expanded steadily with the help of our team of dedicated professionals and loyal clients to serve a variety of Central Florida organizations, corporations, and individuals.

Our Firm incorporates many of the advantages of larger regional practices, while retaining the close personal services associated with local firms. Each client receives a significant amount of attention from our senior professionals, assuring continuity and quality of service.

Bottom line... we care about our clients and we want to help them succeed.

Our Philosophy . . .

Our Firm members are a progressive and dynamic team of trusted advisors to businesses, organizations, and individuals in the community.

We are committed to building long term relationships and solving client problems and challenges within a framework of high ethical standards and integrity.

Our goal is to provide quality services with the professional expertise and diversity generally associated with larger firms, but with the accessibility and close personal contact of a smaller firm.

How We Operate . . .

Engagement Planning and Control

Each client engagement is carefully planned and budgeted to completion based on the size and scope of services to be provided. Specific work programs and time budgets are prepared and designed to achieve specific objectives. The programs provide for ongoing control and monitoring of progress, maintenance of quality standards of field work, and effective fee containment.

Client Personnel

A professional accountant should conduct and conclude each engagement in such a manner that the accomplishments and benefits which accrue to the client organization are fully realized. During each engagement, the client or his designated representative is involved to the greatest extent practical to allow for the full understanding and benefit of all activities and actions.

Preliminary Consultation

One of the first phases of any engagement involves the delineation of client needs or issues. A preliminary consultation is held with prospective clients to determine the extent to which we can provide beneficial services. Upon completion of this initial step, a Firm professional will formulate and discuss with each client appropriate approaches to the proposed engagement along with any required estimates of manpower, time frames and related considerations. We believe we have a professional responsibility to provide such information and, upon acceptance, to operate within the established constraints.

Professional Fees

Charges for services are based upon hourly fees plus reimbursement for direct costs. Fees vary, consistent with the degree of experience and capability required for each engagement and the level of work performed.


Client relationships are further guided by a number of professional and ethical considerations. Staff assignments which result in a conflict of interest and impair firm independence are avoided. Client requirements often place many internal and confidential organization details in the hands of the Firm and such situations are effectively controlled by the Firm by its policy of confidentiality of client information in strict accordance with the established ethics of the profession.

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